After the award-winning television show "Gravity Falls" ended, it was clear the mysteries weren't over quite yet. Just days ago, the creator set into motion a world-spanning ARG that is yet to be solved.

This in-development game attempts to recreate the experience of the "Cipher Hunt" through more interactive means. This is opposed to a long, detailed essay simply summarizing the clues.

Chapter 1 of "The Cipher Hunt Story" was created at GBC Jam for the theme "Isolation". All fans of the show hope to participate in the hunt, but it's impossible to directly involve everyone. Most of us feel isolated, like all we can do is watch it go down, but while we may be isolated from the clues, the internet lets us be connected to each other. Participation does not take just one form.

StatusIn development
Made withTwine


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This Is awesome! I hope you are able to finish it!

ooooh what do we have here~ <3 

I loved the Cipherhunt, and I love this retelling of it!! I agree that this format is more interesting than an essay.