A downloadable game

A game by Darren Moore and John Paul Corcoran


  • Choose a player to be Player 1.
  • Shuffle the deck of 18 cards, then deal 5, face hidden, to each player. The remaining 8 cards form the draw pile.

Phase 1:

  • Beginning with Player 1, players alternate placing cards until they each have 3 on the field.

Phase 2:

  • Beginning with Player 1, alternate taking turns.
  • Your turn consists of the following:
    • Draw, except on Player 1’s first turn.
    • Use up to 2 Actions.
    • Untap all cards on your side of the field.
  • Actions may be used for the following:
    • Play a card from your hand.
    • Activate then tap one of your untapped cards.
  • “Tapping” is signified by turning a card horizontally.
  • The player whose action intends to destroy an opponent’s card, but the opponent has no cards on the field that can be destroyed is declared the winner.
    • Should an impasse be reached, the winner shall be determined via any agreed upon technique.


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